Here are the Plain Facts

First, a professional opinion on BrainLines from a practising neurologist -

"It should come as no surprise that another physical marking has physiological and neurobehavioral relevance. The skin-central nervous system organ (i.e. what developmental neuroscientists refer to as the neuro-ectodermal layer) is of similar origin in embryonic human development. BrainLine markings give additional relevance to this well-known neuroembryological concept. The description and relevance of these unique forehead markings, the BrainLines, should evoke a strong sense of intrigue in those scientists who study human personality, behavior and psychosocial dynamics.

It is now up to the scientific method and the cadre of neurobehavioralists and neuropsychologists to figure out the correlates of these markings to our human society."

Jonathan Artz, M.D., Clinical Neurologist and Neurophysiologist


The Magnificent Seven

Through 30 years of research, it was discovered that there were seven basic patterns of lines. People with similar patterns had interests and traits that were strikingly alike. Split-brain research shows the effects of brain-hemisphere dominance on behavior. Some people were found to be, among other things, more logical, systematic and detail-oriented than others, who are more intuitive, see random associations and the 'big picture'. Observations of people found a distinct correlation between these traits and the seven patterns of what we call BrainLines.


Researchers of left- and right-brained influences on personality believe that the greater part of behavior patterns come from the way we are programmed by our genes or DNA. Learned behavior from our environment makes up the rest. Infants show BrainLines when they frown, which stay the same as they grow, the indication that BrainLines were genetically determined. BrainLines are created by the actions of the muscles at the center-line of the forehead, so the balance of the brain hemispheres is indicated on the forehead. The balance of the body's motor functions is duplicated in the personality.

The Obvious is the Last Thing We See

What could be more obvious than the lines between our eyebrows? In the West, frown-lines are a dreaded sign of age in our youth-oriented culture; people would simply prefer to ignore them. Women especially have fought against them by trying to hide them with bangs, plastic surgery, injections of silicone and even shots of botulism. It is time to see those wrinkles in a new light -- to see them as BrainLines!

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What's So Special About BrainLines?

BrainLines readings are the quickest and simplest way to obtain a basic profile of anyone's personality. This is the most comprehensive personality profiling system ever devised that deals with hemispheric dominance on the personality. Apart from plastic surgery, Botox or scarring between the eyebrows, there is no mistaking anyone's BrainLines reading. There is no bias, no cheating and no such thing as a bad BrainLine. All you have to do is look at someone's face and read the profiles, which are easily memorized.


What Can BrainLines Do For Us?

The typology industry caters to organizations that need to get the best performance from their employees. People work most efficiently when they are in positions that best suit their greatest strengths and traits. When those strengths are understood, there are no false expectations of a person's performance. People who know their strengths are unlikely to struggle against them, rather they can use them to reach whatever goals they dream of achieving. The most successful people in any field, whether in business, sports, the arts, or even relationships, have used their strongest traits to best advantage. BrainLines profiles reveal the strengths of each reading and include sections on career styles and relationships.

The uses of BrainLines apply to every human endeavor. The ability to assess anyone's way of perceiving the world and their preferred methods of dealing with situations can be critical to the success of any project, relationship or contact. Perhaps the greatest value of the BrainLines system is that it reveals the reasons behind the way we all do things. One of its greatest benefits is the depersonalization of conflict, allowing people to communicate and collaborate, despite their differences.

The insight we get from BrainLines is that we are all hard-wired to work the way we do, that we should not expect others to be like us, that we can't help being different from each other, but those differences make us all parts of the whole, like the separate sections in a geodesic dome. We experience a sense of unity and connectedness to everyone. We all have our parts to play and they are all important. Race, age, color, culture and gender make no difference to those who can read BrainLines, the true indicators of the basic self.

You Can't Say That!

BrainLines reading is fun! Yes, we get great insight into others and ourselves, but the fact is, once you start to use it, you can't look at anyone the way you did before. There's a sort of guilty addiction to using it with everyone you meet, not to mention a certain smugness at knowing what makes people really tick.

Go ahead, get insight, have fun, feel connected.



$15.00 Paperback

$7.00 Kindle

Reading BrainLines 101

BrainLines are the vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows when you frown or squint. If you have just one BrainLine, it may be on either side of the area between your eyebrows, or it may be in the center. If you have two BrainLines, one may be longer or deeper than the other. Even if you have no BrainLines, that is a BrainLines reading and reveals your brain balance. The comparative length and depth of your BrainLines and their positions are clues to left- or right-brain dominance or balance.

No-one is completely one or the other, but dominance of one side or the other will strengthen the relative traits.

BrainLines will not indicate behavior that has been learned since birth and which overlays the genetic foundation of the personality. Learned behavior often runs counter to the patterns that are programmed into our personalities. Going against our natural traits can cause emotional disruption and even self-destructive behavior.

BrainLines reveal who you really are, at the DNA level. Intriguing, isn't it?

Wrinkled Kids?

That's right - if adults have BrainLines, that means they had them when they were younger, too. We tend to get stuck in the notion that, somehow, the lines on our faces just appear when we get older, but if, when your child frowns or cries, there are well-defined vertical creases between the eyebrows, you are seeing their BrainLines. They will not change, only deepen as the skin loses elasticity. Roughly 12% of teenagers have permanently visible BrainLines.

Clear or Smooth?

When reading anyone with smooth skin, especially people under the age of 30, it is easy to mistakenly read them as Clear, who are more numerous than any other reading (around 40% of the population). Photographers are often under pressure from their clients to use special lighting or re-touch the film to make wrinkles 'disappear'. There are  digital TV cameras that can edit out any blemish or BrainLine in real time.

With babies and children, you can wait until they frown, or carefully and gently push their eyebrows together to see the natural creases that form. Our BrainLines patterns are with us from birth so, if you do it correctly, you can read your child.

You could just ask people to frown. This may seem awkward at first, but if the time is right, try it.

Then there's the cosmetic surgery problem........... 

For the Skeptics

Although BrainLines defines seven different basic personality types, this typology should not be regarded as confining or restrictive of your abilities or desires. This open system tells you how you are designed to function best in the world. Your profile reveals your strengths and gives you a starting point from which you can direct your talents to do whatever you can dream of doing.

Everyone has limitless potential. BrainLines simply points you in the right direction, so that you can work most efficiently and happily to achieve your desires. A BrainLines profile is not a box, but a launching pad for the talents with which you were born.

We all get enough labels in our lives, often derogatory and usually inaccurate. Stereotypes of any kind, whatever they are based on, are just that - sweeping generalizations that don't take individuality into account. BrainLines is a way to open our eyes to our potential, not to narrowly define us.

We imagine, learn, perceive and operate in our own ways. We have been perfectly designed for survival in our world. It just happens that there are types of design that share certain qualities. They are grouped in the seven BrainLines profiles, but, within those profiles, there is room for infinite personal variation on the theme.

The great value of BrainLines lies in the freedom it gives us to be ourselves, as we truly are. When we can pick out any of our behavior patterns that go against our natural grain, we can avoid the wasted energy, the self-destructiveness of disappointment and the tendency to just give up and feel like failures when we can't do what the person next to us does so easily.

Imagine all the time and effort that some people spend in trying to live up to an image that someone else projected on them, instead of using their own strengths to live life their own way.

Imagine the tragic waste of talent that went unused, just because some people didn't know how well and in what way they were built to succeed.

Our fondest wish is to show everyone their most efficient path to success, whatever that may mean to them.

A Greek philosopher said, "The three most important things in life are: someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to." BrainLines can help people find these three things as quickly as possible, because, once you know yourself, you know how best to direct yourself.

Being a skeptic is fine, as long as it's not just another self-adhesive label.

Look into BrainLines, you just might be surprised.

Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell (LeftDoubles)



$15.00 Paperback

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